Play with your food

Fondoodler is a "hot glue gun” - but for cheese. Build with it. Write with it. Cook with it.

Craft has finally met cheese.

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What Fondoodler Can Do

Build Your Own Nacho Bar

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Cheesy Tortilla Bowl

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Doodle with Cheese Sticks

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Fancy Meets Fondoodler

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Bind, Build, Bite

It’s hot cheese. Do with it
whatever you please.

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Ready To Cheese In 3-2-1

Start doodling in less than
3 minutes out of the box.

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Cheese Propulsion Valve

A proprietary cheese propulsion valve
allows complete control of cheese-
flow with minimal tasty mess.

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No Cheese Left Behind

All three parts exposed to cheese
are removable & dishwasher safe.

What's in the box

Push Rod

Pushes the cheese out so that
you can Fondoodler.


A simple but thorough bristled
brush to keep things clean.


The support structure, power
supply, and trigger.


Holds your cheese
before it turns into melty goodness.

Get Fondoodler

You know you want the Fondoodler so that you can Fondoodle everything. Box includes everything you need to get going. Cheese it up in 3 minutes after opening the box!

$35 $25
Plus Shipping


Is this real?

Yes, this is not a weird Kickstarter. Fondoodler is real and glorious.

When will I get it?

Our first three production batches are sold out! All new orders will be shipping at the end of February 2017. We hope your holiday season is grate and have a gouda new years!

What’s included?

The body, cheese canister, push rod, and cleaner. The only thing you will need is the cheese of your choice.

What can I do with it?

Draw, design, decorate and build any cheesy creation you can dream up.

What kind of cheese can I use?

All forms of cheese work (string, shredded, block, sheet). American, Jack, Cheddar - they're all winners.

Is it safe for food?

Yes. Fondoodler has been tested and certified as a food-safe product.

Is it dishwasher safe?

The three parts exposed to cheese are removable and dishwasher safe.

Where do you ship?

Shipping is a flat rate of $5 to anywhere in the United States. We do not ship internationally at this time.

If I have more questions who can I contact?

For general inquiries, email For press, please email For sales or partnership opportunities, email